Competition ‘Science and Youth 2016’



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The annual competition “Science and Youth - 2016” will take place on 12-14 of May 2016 under the auspices of the Rector of Medical University – Plovdiv. Official languages are Bulgarian and English.

Undergraduates, PhD students and young researchers under the age of 45 can participate in the competition. Academic teachers that are above that age can be included only as scientific supervisors but not as co-authors. If this requirement is not taken into consideration the corresponding scientific work will not be registered. The candidates can participate in the event presenting original materials as well as reviews or case reports both in Bulgarian and English language. Only students are able to present reviews only in case they have been supervised by a certified specialist in the relevant scientific field. All participants in the competition ‘Science and Youth 2016’ must pay a participation fee as follows: 15 BGN for academic teachers, 10 BGN for PhD students and 5 BGN for non-active members and students. All participants will receive a certificate for attendance. It is recommended that participants register and pay the fee in advance at the pay desk of MU – Plovdiv.

Submission is available only online, on the website of the Youth Scientific Association ‘Asclepius’ – with deadline – 10.03.2016. Each participant is able to declare in advance their preferred form of presentation. During the process of the scientific selection and evaluation of the abstracts, the form of the presentation could be changed following the decision of the Scientific Jury which is definitive. The number of scientific works that each participant submits (independently or in joint authorship) can be no more than 3 irrespective of the form of the presentation.

The forms of presenting of scientific works include:  oral presentation, electronic poster (e-poster) and a standard/paper poster. The authors present the abstracts in the same language that the work is going to be presented in – either Bulgarian or English. The formatting requirements are given below as the latter will serve for evaluation of the works from the moderators during the scientific sessions.

Requirements for oral presentation:

  1. The duration of the presentations is 7 minutes (+5 minutes for discussion)
  2. The presentations must be informative and well – organized
  3. When formatting the presentations please consider the following:
  • No more than 6-8 lines of text on each slide
  • The font must be large enough to be visible
  • There must be no more than two font colors
  • No more than 15-18 slides in each presentation

Requirements for the e-posters

  1. e-Posters are presented orally on a multimedia system (it is not necessary to print the posters).
  2. Duration of the presentation - 4 minutes (+2 minutes for questions).
  3. e-Posters must fit into the given template (each poster is composed of one slide only) which can be downloaded from the website ‘Science and Youth 2016’.
  4. The basic emphasis should be on the results and conclusions from the research.

Requirements for the standard/paper posters

  1. The posters must be 90/110 cm (width/length).
  2. The posters must be informative and well – organized.
  3. When formatting the posters, please consider the following:
  • The font must be large enough to be visible from a distance of 1-1.5 m.
  • Choose graphics and/or illustrations with good quality and resolution.

The best scientific works in each session will be awarded and the authors will receive a diploma by the Rector of MU – Plovdiv. The authors with the highest grades will be presented with the opportunity to publish their work after review in the Folia Medica Journal. All participants irrespective of the presentation form are expected to submit a full text version of their work on the day of the presentation in order to be published in the collection ‘Science and Youth 2016’.

The requirements for publication of the full text materials are as follows:

  1. General requirements:
  • The papers are submitted on the day of delivering the report/poster (or when registering) online to Този имейл адрес е защитен от спам ботове. Трябва да имате пусната JavaScript поддръжка, за да го видите.. The file extension is .doc or .docx (A4 format).
  • The authors are entirely responsible for the authenticity of the information they provide as well as for the style and punctuation of the script.
  • The participants must provide the following contact information after the article: address, telephone number and e-mail.

Original articles (from independent researches):

  • Text volume – up to 5-6 pages
  • Mandatory structure: Introduction, Purpose, Tasks, Material and methods, Results and discussion, Conclusions, Bibliography

Reviews and case reports:

  • Text volume – up to 6-7 pages
  1. Technical requirements:
  • The text must be:
    • File extension: *.doc or *.docx (MS Word 97-2003 or MS Word  2010);
    • Font: Times New Roman or Calibri – 12pt;
    • Margins: top/bottom – 2.5cm; left/right 3.15cm;
    • Line spacing: 1.5 lines
    • The headline is not capitalized. Name and surname of the authors, affiliation (clinic/department, faculty, university, town) are indicated under the headline without abbreviations and titles
      • Headline is placed under the illustration or under the table
      • The page numbers must be indicated in the bottom right corner
      • In the bibliography authors are listed by the order of citation
      • Only the Vancouver style is used when formatting the bibliography list